Ankara, Turkey
+90 (533) 348-3873

Signalton Technology

Signalton Technology is a research and development company focusing on the application of state-of-the-art digital signal processing techniques and algorithms to real-world problems. Signalton Technology brings together decades of industry experience and expertise of its founders and associates in a vast spectrum of areas within electrical and electronics engineering, especially digital signal processing and signal analysis including pattern recognition, machine learning, image processing, statistical array signal processing, sensor data fusion, and acoustic/audio signal processing. The company is capable of system design from ground up including electronic hardware design, algorithm development, embedded programming, and application software development.

TheĀ  current focus of the R&D efforts span fields such as sensors, wireless sensor networks (WSN), sensor arrays, sensor based information processing, sensor data fusion, acoustic/audio signal analysis, IoT (Internet of Things), smart cities, smart home/building and smart manufacturing (Industry 4.0). Signalton Technology envisions developing the next generation sensor systems that serve solutions far better designed and executed than current commercial applications.